AePS & Aadhaar Pay

Direct API no Re-Direction!!

Works with any RD Service Enabled Biometric Devices.


Instant Settlement

The satisfaction of users is the most important and the focus is on usability and completeness


Earn Upto 12 Rs. Commission

0.3% Upto 3,000 Withdrawl and Fixed 12 Rs. above 4,000 Withdrawl (Inclusive GST)


Withdraw upto 50,000/-

You can withdraw upto 50,000/- using Aadhaar Pay Service @ Lowest charge of 0.35%


Works without Redirection

Our API Works on your own Portal without getting Redirected to any of the 3rd Party server/ website

Works on All Devices

Supports All Biometric Devices

Rupiso AePS API Supports all kind of Biometric Devices which is approved for UID and having RD Services. Our API also supports Wireless Bluetooth Enabled Devices too. If you need any additional information kindly contact us below.

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